Questions And Questions On Analytical Skills

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Whilst we can agree that brainteasers are fun way to spend a few minutes (or hours!), but what is the reason behind job interviews using them. As mentioned above, the idea behind brainteasers in an interview isn’t about finding the correct answer, but more about the journey to an answer. In fact, the candidate’s ability to answer a brainteaser (right or wrong) can reveal more information to the interviewer and help the interviewer understand whether the person is the right fit for the role. Brainteasers generally help the interviewer to analyse the candidate’s proficiency in: • Problem solving – How fast can you analyse the problem in question and come up with a possible solution? • Critical thinking – Are you able to see the big picture and evaluate all the different options and aspects behind the question? • Analytical skills – What is your ability to analyse different pieces of data and use them to determine probability? Are you able to make calculations based on the information you have available? • Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking – Can you take an innovative approach to problems? Can you see past the ‘obvious’ solutions and surprise the interviewer with a fresh approach? • Their ability to think on their feet – Are you able to come up with a solution even when you haven’t been able to prepare for it? • Their ability to perform under pressure – Will you be able to remain calm and composed even when you’re presented a tricky brainteaser? When faced with a
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