Questions And Questions On Debating Skills

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1.3.2 Debating skills As a result of the activities and assessments in the program, the students learns how to pursue their arguments. The skill to argue about the point of view helps them in becoming a good advocate of healthcare quality, risk, and safety. For example, this skill provides the students with ability to present their view to a CEO of an organization during a 5 minute encounter in an elevator (p3:52). The students learn how to solve a complicated problem through the “research and creative thinking skills and through ability to chunk an argument in a new way” but also forced the students to “think and understand both sides of an issue” (p6:3). The students learn to write a solution by arguing on the opposing ideologies of the issue. The skill student learns as a result of the debate is way to “challenge thinking of the superior management” and direct the decision which is better for the patient (p3:67, p6:5). Some instructors make them “fight on an argument” and pull the students out of their comfort zones, so the students can learn to manage a tense situation. After the sessions of the debates and argumentation the “students feel happy and they love (the debate session)” (p6:16). Other participant described that the debates is equally liked by him/her and the students. He/ She randomly distributed students into the groups ‘for” and ‘against’ a given topic and then moderate the debate. At the end of the debate, the winners were chosen by the students. The
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