Questions: Explain The Principles Of Project Management

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1.a. Explain the principles of project management. Do you think these principles were followed in the given project? The principles of project management are -The Project’s scope, the time limit, cost and quality must be in a balance. -The aim of all projects work is to deliver business value. -The main point of project is to achieve specified goals and objectives. -When the project is undergoing process, the project must be control and check all the time and ensured that it is being processed toward it goal. -A strategy needs to be done for the project before it begins normally and the project will undergo according to the plans made in the strategy. -The workers need an environment that can make encourages to be in their best performance so that the project achieves its maximum…show more content…
Because of the best way of making projects step by step. If make only with closely the chief operations officer and Robert. It will take place many problems when the product manufacture. All things of products are should invent together with the engineers and the executive management team. It will be surely get to success. If don’t make with the rules and regulation it can take place many problem and may be the project can auto shut down. So, I think it not should make with the Robert and the Chief operations officer of the company closely. They should make with the executive management team. 1 (c). Explore principles behind project management systems and procedures. Has there been a proper management approval for the given project? Principles behind project management systems and Procedures To keep within budget limit, time limit and improve the reliability of the project, the following systems and management procedures that are essential for effective project management. -Change control procedures -Risk management and analysis techniques -A stage and gate project lifecycle with simple checklists -Cost control
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