Questions: Family Health

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Questions a) Values, health perception How do you define health? Is health defined by the absence of illness, or do you incorporate values like psychological and spiritual health? b) Nutrition Do you view your diet as having good nutritional value? Explain. How important is nutrition in your life? c) Sleep/Rest Do you feel well rested? Explain. Does anyone in the family have trouble sleeping and if so, how is it dealt with? d) Elimination Are your bowel movements regular and satisfying? Explain. What do you do when you are not regular? Do you increase your fiber intake? e) Activity/Exercise Do you enjoy exercise? If not, how can you learn to enjoy it? What kinds of exercise or physical activities do you do regularly? f) Cognitive What activities do you do to keep your mind active? Who in your family tends to value cognitive health more than other members? g) Sensory-Perception How are your senses (such as sight, hearing, and smell?). Does anyone in the family experience weaknesses in one of these sensory areas? h) Self-Perception What are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest weaknesses? i) Role Relationship Are there rigidly defined roles in your family? Explain. Are those roles based on gender? j) Sexuality Is sexuality discussed openly in your family? Have matters of sexuality been problems for any family member? k) Coping What methods of stress management are practiced in your family? How can you improve the
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