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Questions for Students: 1- What are the expected outcomes for students in the SON? Where can you find them? The Expected Student Outcomes are located on the right side of the syllabus and list all the outcomes that student should accomplish upon completion of the course. Here are a few examples of the Students Outcomes: 1. Use competency based, culturally sensitive strategies to develop evidence-based curriculum. 2. Participate in professional activities to ensure lifelong learning. 2- How does your coursework contribute to achieving the mission and goals of the SON? The coursework aligns with the Stony Brook mission and goals outlined in the School of Nursing. Moreover, it piggybacks on the CCNE essentials. Moreover, coursework is…show more content…
The course content directly relates to the Student Learning Objectives. Each course is tailored to help students achieve their learning objectives. Moreover, embed worksheet in LMS help students to retain course material. 3- How does the learning environment support achievement of your expected learning outcomes? The learning environment supports students learning outcomes by faculty working with the students collaboratively and individually. The faculty response to student individual needs and concerns. For example, emails are answered promptly for assignment clarifications. The classroom environment supports students learning outcomes by a quiet surrounding that promotes focusing. 4- How are you evaluated in the classroom and clinical settings? Students are evaluated in the classroom by their participation and coming to class prepared and be able to engage in classroom discussion. On the other hand, students are assessed in the clinical setting by their competency in leadership, ability to collect health assessment data, and integrate research and evidence-based practice. Questions for
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