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GTE Questions!

Ques: Please provide us details of your family who will be remaining home during your study in Australia.
Ans: My mother and my step mother will stay at home during my studies in Australia. My mother is the owner of Amaze boutique. And my step mother gets the pension of my father. Ques: Your work letter submitted during application is dated in March 2017. Please explain what you have done since then up to the date of your course commencement. Please provide documented evidence to support your answer.
Ans: I applied my offer letter in the second week of April 2017. I got my offer letter on 26 April 2017. Then, I was preparing for funds and GTE.
Ques: Please provide us more details of your research into universities in
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5. Top foreign Universities tend to be valued more in Indian job market than a local degree. Ques: Please also explain your comparison of other similar courses in universities overseas (other than Australia) and also in Australia that you have looked at and why you chose to pursue your study in Flinders University specifically.
Ans: I have searched many universities in Australia also like Monash University(Melbourne, Victoria) offering 32 courses, RMIT University(Melbourne, Victoria)offering 66 courses, Deakin University(Burwood, Victoria) offering 19 courses, Charles Sturt University- Sydney Campus(Sydney, New South Wales) offering 3 courses, Victoria University(Melbourne, Victoria) offering 25 courses, Charles Darwin University(Casuarina, Northern Territory) offering 34 courses. All of them provide excellent education. But I choose Flinders University because I like the location where it is situated and also of quality education. It is located in the foothills of Adelaide, with panoramic views of the central business district to the north and a long, stretching coastline to the west. Bedford Park campus is green and spacious, making it the perfect place to study and relax. It ranked top 6 in Australia and no. 46 worldwide by Times Higher Education 150 under 50 rankings. It has
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