Questions For The Direct Line Of Questioning

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Questions for the Direct Line of Questioning (Trying to prove it wasn’t PTSD induced) Sazer was badmouthing Jamie the night of the shooting at Alex’s restaurant Did the gun pointing gesture at Jamie and told him to “run home before there is trouble” Sazer got up and started looking around when the fireworks got too loud. Seemed to be looking for Jamie MARK THIS IS THE ANSWER I AM KIND OF LOOKING FOR WHEN I DIRECT YOU (not word for word though). IF YOU SKIP INFORMATION I WILL ADD MORE QUESTIONS AND WE WILL LOOK OVER THIS MONDAY SO THAT YOU AND I ARE COMFORTABLE WITH HOW THIS DIRECT IS GOING TO GO AND IF NOT WE CAN CHANGE IT Q-Could you please introduce yourself to the judge? Hello my name is GIll Gram and I currently live in tin Mass.…show more content…
It felt like if it was a vie between them. He did not fight back with me because i was also the pitcher of the baseball team After graduation we truly went our separate ways. Like I said before I went to HArvard and he went to Military which definitely did not surprise me. We heard a rumor of Sazer being kicked out of school. Q- YOU WERE NOT SURPRISED? Could you describe why? Ya, Sazer was always talking about his guns and seemed to be really into them. He was also kind of a hothead and he was always bullying some younger kid or threatening to shoot someone. Q- Shoot them? Can you elaborate on that? Ya, well It happened in DQ.Jamie and I were there and then Sazer showed up. Jamie walked over and told Sazer he was not smart enough to go college or join the marines.I knew that Jamie was crossing some lines but what Sazer did is still engraved in my brain! Q- What did he do? He lost all self control and JUMPED AT Jamie. AND it took three of us to restrain him. After he calmed down he shaped his hand as a gun like this (SHAPE YOUR HAND LIKE A GUN) pointed to JAMIE and said Bullet to the head and you are dead. AND THEN processed to pull his hand as if he was shooting the gun LIKE THIS (PRETEND LIKE YOU ARE SHOOTING THE GUN WHILE LOOKING AT THE JUDGE STRAIGHT IN THE EYES) When I found the courage to look at him in I saw a person who wanted to kill. Q- THen What happened. It scared Jamie so much that he reported him to the school. He also got punished by his father but
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