Questions For The Group Discussion

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Two Questions for the group discussion:
“Inside a church, a pastor has flipped a verse of the bible to accommodate polygamy. Consulted by a business millionaire, the pastor ransacked the bible and finally arrived at a verse to support the holy matrimony. Quoting Isaiah 4:1 the pastor joined the notable influential member with three women”. Does the text Isaiah 4:1 justify the polygamous wedding?

During the discussion, which follows the presentation, the group was amazed at the shocking photo of a man franked with three women in their weeding attires. The scenario in a sociological dimension prompted the geographical background where the wedding could have happened. It is assumed that most Christian communities view polygamy as an abominable act, which presumably does not conform with most biblical canons. For some geographical areas, it is illegal and punishable by law, particularly in western society; yet it is acceptable in some countries and shockingly among faith communities.
The expression that the Pastor “flipped a verse of the Bible to accommodate polygamy”, could be inferred that the pastor was either desperate for the man’s money or that he was afraid of losing his membership in his church; and so, he was ready to do anything to keep his buoyant church member. However, for charity sake, we do not know the bigger picture of what really happened or what might have moved the pastor to succumb to the risky demand. Sociologically his society allows it otherwise
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