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QUESTION 1 HP knows and appreciates successful projects because it understands that when done correctly it can take them happily to the bank. Two thirds of its recent revenues of some $40 billion came from products found in projects over the last couple of years (97). This is hardly an insignificant fact in its own right in a field where being creative and innovative is directly responsible for determining which players last and which do not. Many companies have tried to exist on what they have done in the past and others have tried too hard to make projects into more than they can be. Successful projects, in the many ways that this can be viewed, are those that have gone through the steps of development and thus effectively reflect what has worked. Founder Bill Hewlett has been credited with having a single metric for determining his assessment of a person's work in the HP company; he is said to have looked at what the responsible person rejected. Apparently Hewlett reasoned that "if the rejects looked good, then the projects that were accepted must be excellent" (101). Successful projects, however, mean more to HP than just their cash returns. They also symbolize a number of other notable acknowledgements that are worth highlighting. MANAGEMENT IS SUCCESSFUL: In large, fast-moving companies like HP, numerous projects exist and more always seem to arise. Management's job is to take a systems approach to the smooth and successful operation of the company. This

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