Questions On ' 12 Angry Men '

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Most important insights I garnered from the course and from the readings: 1. 12 Angry Men was a wonderful movie and a great experience for me, because I saw when I take fast decisions without taking the time to analyze the situation or the problem, even the opportunities. This movie shows why critical thinking is important for work, business, family and any are of the human being. Stopping and thinking more critically helps to improve my decision making process. 2. Very often we get involved in situations where our values are the only weapons we have to make the right decisions. From the five sources of Ethical standards I learned that in those situations is better follow a simple method to before making a decision: Recognize the ethical issue, get the facts, and evaluate alternative actions. This will give us a higher probability of producing the most good and less harm, doing the right thing, being just, or to reflect our best virtues. 3. Comparing and contrasting the five sources of Ethical standards, it is very hard to define one as the best option. Life bring different challenges and complex situations in different times of our lives, and depending on each situation, its context and the people involved, we can choose on or more source to analyze the ethical situation and make the best decision as possible. However, I am very inclined to follow the Rights and the Virtue Approach, because they fit more accurately my personality and my way of solving problems. 4. “The
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