Questions On 15 Stress Elements

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The study was conducted with a 23 question questionnaire that asked about 15 stress elements as well as 18 other supporting elements. The purpose was to see what the primary stressors were as part of the moving experience and in turn what mechanisms were useful in dealing with the problem. Responses were given on a one to five scale with one being least stressful or supportive and 5 being the most stressful or supportive. Participants were also able to say if questions were irrelevant. The primary factors to me measured were taken from a study with forty male and female adolescents who had recently undergone a relocation and were asked for context with their experience. Items that were found in five or more interviews were added to the questionnaire. The researchers then conducted another study with 90 participants from age 10-18 who had moved in the past year to determine whether the questionnaire was reliable. Qualified candidates were then administered the questionnaire in groups of six to twelve with the experimenter present. The results indicated that separation from former social circles was the most stressful element of moving, lending credence to the idea that social capital is lost in the moving process (Haynie and South 2011). Keeping touch with former friends and maintaining former relationships was also by far the most common social support element. Girls also demonstrated higher stress than boys in the group among pre adolescents but among adolescents, boys
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