Questions On A Business Case For Sustainability

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Exam II
Name: Kaitlynn Poston
Answer each question as completely as possible. Each question is worth 10 points for a total of 50 points. The exam is due in the dropbox by noon on Wednesday so I will have time to grade it before the grade reporting deadline.

1. On worksheet #3 you were asked to make the business case for sustainability. Businesses are concerned about making more profit and be more profitable into the future. The items listed on the sustainability PowerPoint could be broken into three categories: cost reduction, increased worker productivity, enhanced market share. Make the business case for sustainability in the light of these three categories. How does each of these fit into the triple bottom line (3BL)?
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The triple bottom line concept has changed the way businesses measure sustainability and the performance of policies. The flexibility of the triple bottom line concept also allows businesses to apply the concept in a way that is most beneficial to their specific needs. It can also improve more than just a business’s financial line, it can improve the way people treat others within an organization as well as reduce their negative impact on the environment.
The business case for sustainability is to try and prove that while decreasing a company’s environmental impact, they are in turn increasing their social impact, as well as their profits. The goal of the business case for sustainability is to enhance profits, comply with regulations, avoid future litigation, reduce resource use, reduce the waste stream, reduce energy use, increase customer satisfaction, increase employee satisfaction, and the good will of the community. In the past, destroying and polluting may have been good for business and the profit bottom line. But today, businesses that are “going green,” can save producers money and also be popular with consumers. With the growing demand for 'green ' products, major new markets have been created in which eco-entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits. Companies known for proactive policies that support environmental regulations are often positively recognized by customers, employees, regulators, the media and others. Because of their
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