Questions On A Enterprise And Community Edition

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Pentaho, an organization founded in 2004, provides open source Business Intelligence (BI) suite. They provide two kinds of editions, one is Enterprise edition and the other is Community edition. The difference between an Enterprise and Community edition is that the Enterprise edition has more features to offer to the users than the Community edition. Like all other ETL tools, Pentaho also runs on Java. Here, the storage and transformation are done separately and are stored in XML format. The Pentaho Business Analytics suite offers products which are helpful in data integration (ETL), OLAP, reporting, dashboards, and data mining. These products can be classified as Server applications, Desktop/client applications and Pentaho Server plug-ins.
The main focus of study for this project is ETL functionality offered by Pentaho. For this purpose, Pentaho provides a Data Integration tool called Kettle, which uses metadata-driven approach.

Kettle (Kettle ETTL Environment):-
Kettle is a drag and drop Java (Swing) application and library. It interprets the procedures written in XML format. It provides a JavaScript engine to fine tune the data manipulation process. Kettle is an ETL tool, which modifies the concept of ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) to ETTL, which is:-
• Data Extraction from source databases.
• Transport of the data.
• Data Transformation.
• Loading of data into a data warehouse.

Various databases are supported by Kettle ETL, they are as follows:…
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