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Cameron Rudasill Academic integrity seminar "I do honest work. The words in this exercise will be mine, unless other sources are clearly identified." Cameron Rudasill from Stevenson University 1. Do you think Greenspan is being realistic or naive about the possibility of business ethics? I believe that Greenspan is being realistic about business ethics. In the article, he says that we should achieve success through work that has honor. Most business men in today’s society are honest and have fair values in mind. But I think the small percentage that are corrupt can taint the true honest hard working American. Greenspan also mentions in the article that he thinks that achieving success through honest work and dedication it will give a…show more content…
2c. The Iowa Supreme Court referred to another case involving attorney plagiarism (Iowa Supreme Court Board of Professional Ethics & Conduct v. Lane). In that case, the punishment for attorney Lane (suspension of his license to practice) was more severe than the punishment imposed on attorney Cannon. What distinction did the court make between these two cases? Do you agree with the court’s reasoning? The distinction between the two cases is that Lane tried to conceal his misconduct. He tries to deceive the court and then choosing to not respond to the court. I agree with the courts reasoning because it will teach the person their misconduct is unacceptable and if it happens again they will barred from practicing law. 2d. The state of Florida requires “personal appearances before the [disciplinary] board for public reprimands for disciplined lawyers” [italics added]. Do you think this kind of public shaming is too harsh? I believe if the board conducts themselves in a professional and honest manner than this sort of board is not too harsh. The person should have an opportunity to present their side of the story and to receive direct feedback from multiple people. 3a. Why do you think the AMA publishes this Code? Why not teach medical ethics simply through word of mouth? I believe that the code is not taught through word of mouth because people may not find that to be a credible

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