Questions On Addressing Challenges With Etsy

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Topic 4: Addressing Challenges with Etsy
Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods, giving creative entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell what they make or create, giving shoppers the opportunity to buy unique items they normally can’t be found in stores. Etsy promotes it products as handmade, and original. When furthering my research, Team Tim located several complaints such as, the lack of communication between buyer and seller, not receiving merchandise in the specified time, and also the quality of the product not meeting the standards indicated by Etsy. Etsy does not have customer service and they do not respond to emails; Team Tim will further address these challenges that Etsy faces and described the solutions to these challenges in forecast & recommendations.
One story, about a mother purchasing Nike shoes for her son, the shoes costed $135.00. She specified that it took longer than stated to receive the item, and they were being shipped from China. She rechecked the ad and the description, it clearly stated made in America, this came as a surprise. When they finally received the merchandise it did not exceed expectations. So she took the shoes to a local retailer and they verified they were fake, not even worth $35.00. She then began to reach out to Etsy about the matter, and they were never acknowledged, in return, she was sent an email with a link for seller they didn’t not work. Team…
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