Questions On Adjusting And The Truth

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Marlene Favela
Professor Polizzi
Final Draft
Adjusting to the Truth… I was going to be extremely late. At this point, the clock on my watch couldn 't give me the courage to think otherwise. Nevertheless, I realized I was being very negative about the situation. So I decided to run for it, if I made it, terrific. If not at least I would be able to say I tried. The way my mom has always taught me to keep trying no matter how many obstacles you have in front of you, to keep trying because there’s so much more satisfaction in that in the end than, just giving up because you were scared or had let the negative lies take over you. From a far I could see the bus arriving all I could think of at the moment was to not stop trying.
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I mean every couple argues but I just didn 't know how bad things actually were between my parents. Everyone else from our family would just comment of how they thought my parents were the perfect couple how we were all the perfect family, but little did we all know. In the absence of any information, I assumed everything was fine because that’s how a young child thinks. A child’s mind, they just don 't see evil in anyone until a atrocious moment reveals it to them. Than you realize all around the world there is harm near. Especially my innocent little sister who was so young to even comprehend what was happening. How could anyone find the right words to tell an 8 year old little girl that her parents were divorcing I certainly could not. Many moments I just thought the man didn 't care but also hoping inside me that he would prove me wrong not really for me but for the sake of his little girl. The question remained inside me how could he cause my sisters and I so much pain and be ok? Little did I know he actually just didn 't care that everything he said was just ways to manipulate me and use me. True affection or love for someone was far from him. He just doesn 't know what that word means because if he did he would have been there for my sister’s graduation, or tried to come see his daughters every once in a while but he
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