Questions On Advanced Software Engineering

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"PROCESS" as the word defines about some of the operations that has to be done in a proper order. for every task which we want to complete. Everybody needs to complete the task within time so that they make a process like a documentation, with the help of that documentation they can complete the task in the scheduled time. While coming to the software field, every team should follow a process, when they are developing a project. Maintaining a process for a team is not mandatory but it helps the software developers to maintain a unique idea. The documentation of a process will not helpful for each and every step of a software development." It is a part of a method" Implementing a new
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But using a process makes the work efficiently and results good output. Now- a- days there are so many organizations making process as a major role. But there should be freedom for software developers for implementing their views. Maintaining a process will makes the team and software towards the successful direction. Using a process in every project is a good thing but there should be some own ideas so that the output will be successful in the world.

SOFTWARE FAIL: Software is in every place, since the failure is unpredicted when it does it effects whole the organization’s progress. As the price of project increases risk of failure also increases and more common failure is “enterprise resource planning failure” which is mainly due to inappropriate or not satisfying a project goals. Incorrect estimation of resources of not defining exact project, poor communication among customers, developers, and users about reporting of the project status. IT failure will become more than just an expensive inconvenience: it will put our way of life at risk. Failure’s may also be due to use of not fully developed technology ,Which have Inability to handle the project’s complexity due to its casual development practices and also may be due to poor project management and sometimes its stakeholder politics under commercial pressures. Failures in an organization is said to be the combination of technical, business decisions and project management.
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