Questions On Advancing Career Development

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Student Name: Muhammad Umair Fayaz Student ID: 4114446 Module Number: 315LON Module Title: Advancing Career Development Teacher Name: Yvonne Browne Word Counts: 1000 Date of Submission: 02-02-2015 LONDON CAMPUS Summary: This reflection report defines the study of industry which reflects the present impression in the market. By looking forward to this report I also chosen this industry and a sector in which I would like to take a kick start for my better career for the future. The discussion in the depth of the sector of financial industry, for this I am presenting a concise report of the three particular banking business areas which will be my future career target also. Analysis of Industry: Industry analysis can be analyzed by Porter’s 5 Forces model used to design the marketing strategy for operations. The main objective of this study is that by creating dissimilarity between the industries that can facilitate to identify the formation of the business boundaries decisions. Major role of Porter’s five forces is to understand that what is industry? Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: This outline has the following steps to understand the structure: (, 2015) 1. Industry Challenge: The presence of
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