Questions On African American Cultural Considerations

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STUDENT NAME: Mickesha Linton DATE: 7/27/15 COURSE: NUR 2310C CLIENT INITIALS: M.S DATE OF ADMISSION 6-15-15 AGE: 12 GENDER: male HT: 163 cm WT: 58.1 kg ALLERGIES: Morphine, hydrocodone, naproxen, apple pectin, nuts, orange, shellfish, cinnamon, penicillin, hydrocodone. LIVING SITUATION Patient lives with mom, dad, and sister. There are no pets, weapons, or tobacco/drug use in the home. There has been no recent travel. Patient is currently in the 8th grade RACE/ETHNICITY: African American CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS: Primary language English. Often, African Americans turn to family, church and community to cope. The level of religious commitment among African Americans is high. In one study, approximately 85 percent of African Americans respondents described themselves as “fairly religious” or “religious” and prayer was among the most common way of coping with stress. Because African Americans often turn to community – family, friends, neighbors, community groups and religious leaders – for help, the opportunity exists for community health services to collaborate with local churches and community groups to provide mental health care and education to families and individuals. Studies have shown that family participation in a support group or a church group can improve the family’s ability to care for family members with mental disorders and cope with the emotional distress of being a caregiver. Communication with African American patients and families should be done in a

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