Questions On Alternative Dispute Resolution

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ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION PLG-111-1502 ASSIGNMENT FIVE AN IRAC STYLE ESSAY STATEMENT OF FACTS The Atlanta Braves negotiated into an agreement that was never put into writing with a pitcher named Greg. The agreement was that Greg would pitch for the team for five (5) years for twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). A day prior to the season beginning, the Savannah Savages, another team, offer Greg twenty-six thousand dollars ($26,000.00). Greg immediately accepts the Savages ' offer. The Braves therefore sued Greg for a breach of contract and agreed to arbitrate. ISSUE As the arbitrator, Heather, is under question that she acted appropriately during these proceedings. It is brought to court in the Fulton County Superior Court stating that the arbitrator did not follow the law and Heather 's award of five thousand dollars ($5,0000.00) to the Braves for damages should not be confirmed. The arbitrator is not bound by the strict letter of the law. Under the Georgia rules of case and statutory law that is binding, will the arbitrator 's decision be upheld or not by the Fulton County Superior Court? RULE The rules to follow are discussing the arbitrator 's actions being appropriate and why the arbitrator came to the decision she made and will the court uphold the arbitrator 's decision. Pursuant to Rule 30 – Civil Arbitration: When civil action are filed and they seek primarily money damages they should be eligible to be submitted to the trial judge to arbitration

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