Questions On Asian Grocery Stores

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Johnny Zhuang

Glenlyon Norfolk School

International Baccalaureate Extended Essay

Ms. Andrea Robertson


To what extend does Asian grocery stores operate in an oligopolistic market in the region of Chinatown of Victoria?

The Chinatown in Victoria is the oldest one in Canada and second in age to San Francisco’s in North America. As one of the national historical sites of Canada, Victoria’s Chinatown remains an active region for Victoria residents, tourists and Chinese Canadians. The modern Chinatown continues to be a key component of downtown Victoria with a variety of tourist attractions including bars, restaurants, food stores medicine shop and shopping areas nearby. The city of Victoria embraces a multicultural society like the most of Canadian cities do. As the biggest minority ethnic group, Asian population accounted for 23.5% of Victoria’s total population and the number has rapidly increased in recent years because of the trend of increasing immigration in the province of British Columbia. Food has been an important part of Asian residents’ lives and I became interested in investigating the grocery store market in Chinatown because of my enthuasim of cooking as well as that the chapter of market structure interests me the most in microeconomics in the course of IB Economics.

Based on my observations of the grocery stores and knowledge of the market structure, the question is raised, “to what extent does Asian
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