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Ricki Trafton Ed Psych Exam 3 1- Four key ideas that utilize the “behavioral approach” to creating and/or modifying student behavior include, using praise, creating and implementing a group contingency, overlapping, and implementing home based reinforcement strategies. When using praise as part of the behavioral approach, the praise can either be directed at the student when they are demonstrating appropriate behaviors or directed towards other students who are exhibiting the desired behavior. Another method that can be used as part of the behavioral approach is creating a group contingency, where the reward for the group is contingent on the behavior of the class as a collective whole. On the plus side, this reinforcement method is easy to implement and peer pressure can be a wonderful tool in the teacher’s toolbox unless the student who needs to modify their behavior just does not care. In the case of the one student who just does not care, even though the other members of the class can encourage the “offender” to behave, if the student doesn’t give a rat’s behind, then the rest of the class suffers repeatedly because no matter what, the student is not going to conform and the class is not going to get the reward. Overlapping or being able to keep the class going while responding to behavior problems is another key part of the behavioral approach as it holds students responsible for their behavior without detracting from other students learning. Finally,
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