Questions On Business Environment Risk

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Manage risk
Assessment 1
Identify scope of risk -
PriceBeat is a discounted department store with many branches in Australia. This report is based on its branch store located in Taralgon. Currently PriceBeat has theses identified risk issues:
1. Lack of internal control for cash handling
2. Not able to comply with regulations and legislations such as OHS, privacy laws and industrial relations law
3. No proper staff performance guidelines in the company
4. Negative organisational culture
5. Ignore the external business environment and cannot identify business opportunities
This report will focus on all the above identified risk issues and find the solutions to correct them. The scope will include:
1. Cash management risk
2. Legislation compliance risk
3. Staff performance risk
4. Business environment risk
5. Work environment culture risk
Identify and describe the critical success factors, goals or objectives for areas in included in scope -
A quality improvement tool that many organisations use is critical success factors which are indicators that measure how well an organisation is accomplishing its strategic plan and objectives.
Critical success factors Describe Goals or objectives for areas in included in scope
Safe cash transaction and storage All the cash to be maintained in a safe container with only the management team to access it 0% of cash missing or discrepancy occurred
All company and management laws, regulations and legislations are fully followed and complied…
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