Questions On Business Ethics And Ethics

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Introduction to Business Ethics What Is Ethics? To understand business ethics one must first understand that there is no general definition used to define this ethics related topic. Ethics related topics usually include terms such as morals, principles, ethics and values, which are, in most cases, used interchangeably. However, Asgary and Mitschow (2002) defines ethics as the study of appropriate policies and practices regarding possible controversial issues while offering recommendations for what is right and what is wrong. Ethics can be defined in two different ways. Firstly, ethics can refer to substantiated principles of right and wrong that suggest what persons ought to do, typically in terms of rights, specific virtues,…show more content…
Therefore, it is incumbent upon individuals to constantly examine their own standards to ensure that they are rational and apt. Ethics also means, then, that there is a continuous effort of studying as it relates to our own moral beliefs and our moral conduct, and that in striving to ensure that we, live up to principles that are sound. The standards of ethical and moral behavior come from the understanding that we are unique beings. These standards are the innate means of justifying the decisions and actions that are believed to be right, fair, proper, wrong, unfair and improper. We are all unique individuals who depend on others for much of our human experience, particularly our social communications with others. When the guidelines for moral behavior are determined by our societal structure, then some of the social and ethical dilemmas will be handled differently and will be better equipped and mindful in our understanding of how to deal with those that behave immorally or unethically especially in a business environment. Business Ethics Discussed In today’s business world, law often governs business ethics while in some instances business ethics provide a basic foundation that businesses should follow in order to gain public acceptance. Business ethics and business morality as a whole generally result from a person’s own moral principles in the context of the political and cultural environment in which the organization is
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