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SUBJECT: How I would return Det. 775 to number 1 as Cadet Wing Commander

1. Being Cadet Wing Commander is something that I really want to do. Before coming to Detachment 775, since coming to USC I have learned that we were once the number one small detachment in the nation and as Cadet Wing Commander I will everything I can in order to return it that status. In order to do this I will try to get everyone involved, I would make sure everyone is on the same page as far as rules, goals, and information being distributed, and I would change PT to accommodate more cadets. 2. Currently I am not as involved in the detachment as I would like to be, but I am a very persistent person and will ensure assignments
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4. Changing PT in the morning to accommodate everyone:

a. There is no doubt that there is a significant skill level during PT. PT should be split at least 3-4 PT sessions a month. Meaning cadets are broken up based on their personal skill level and which area they need the most help in. This way every cadet is being pushed to the max.

b. We all have a goal to decrease our run time and exercises such as the Indian run will push cadets to improve their running score. Therefore, by intensifying PT as the semester continues and completing more intense exercises, cadets will be pushed to their max and scores will improve.

c. Setting high goals will push and motivate cadets to push themselves harder than the previous PT session. Goals such as:

(1.) If the detachment as a whole does at least 15% higher from the PFD taken in fall to the PFD taken in spring, then the cadets will get to choose what exercises will be done for one PT session.

(2.) Cadets run time for 1.5 mile run will decrease by 30 seconds from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester.

(3.) Cadets will be able to increase their personal push up amount done in one minuet by at least five push ups by the end of the semester, unless they have maxed the number of pushups required for the standardized PT test.

5. At this point in time if I were to become cadet Wing Commander, I do not feel I would be able to effectively and

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