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This assignment will be a discussion and analysis of handover in aspects of nursing care. It will identify principles of best practice in relation to handover and explore organisational and managerial factors. My personal experiences of handover will also be reflected upon.Then it will concluded the main issues that were raised from the essay. Handover is an important aspect in nursing because it is a form of communication between nurses who are caring for patients on one shift to the next. This promotes continuity of care and is vital for patient safety, by all staff being aware of events and preventing mistakes. It is a time to discuss information and to plan care. Currie and Watterson
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The principle of best practice of handover is good communication skills to help improve practice and patient outcome by using a framework to work with. NICE (2007) findings are both nursing and medical staff should use a structured handover framework e.g SBAR (2004) is tool for communication when handing over a patient.

SBAR stands for Situation, Background, assessment and recommendation. When applied to handover communication, S stands for situation which is to describe the situation and of the problem and when it started. B stands for background describing the admission diagnosis.A stands for assessment of the patient status and R stands for recommendation on how the patient should be managed. Recommendation also means how quickly a patient needs to be seen and this can help them prioritise their work. Using a communication tool such as SBAR it helps to encourages and promotes accurate information and relevant information. It gives a better patient experience by knowing the full picture of their condition and better decision making by medical staff e.g. doctors. The tool consist of questions to ensure that staff shares information, communicate assertively and reducing the need for repetition. Christie and Robinson (2009) state that the SBAR tool improved the quality of telephone referrals to the critical care outreach team and reduced the time for shift handovers.


Handover also involves professional responsibility and
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