Questions On Cisco 's Management System

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 Question 1 Organization: • Cisco is a networking company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. In 1994, Cisco 's management system was inflexible, which hindered the development of the company. Appropriate enterprise system • Appropriate enterprise system to support Cisco is ERP system because ERP solved Cisco’s problems with flexibility and technology that happened in 1994. This system give Cisco many benefits such as: 1. With regard to technology, the IT platform architecture was standardized throughout Cisco 100% for many tasks such as, UNIX at the server level and Windows NT at the LAN level. 2. The new system provides the employees with the ability to use internal applications and most functions. This means that the system will help to improve time and cost efficiency and access to the information. In other words, it will help to improve employee’s productivity and the company’s high level of flexibility. 3. The new system has now more than 17 languages. This will not create any language barrier problems. In addition, it will increase the number of prospective consumers and the company 's reputation will be largely renowned. 4. Cisco, with the new system, can ship products all over the Internet. In addition, the customers could make orders via the Internet from anywhere in the world. 5. Moreover, the new system provides Cisco the ability to support distance learning. This will help Cisco to communicate training with the employees. Enterprise

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