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MYOB Cloud Accounting Strategy Prepared for Partners of Xer Accounting Prepared by Andres Quinonez Practice Manager 5 May 2015 Xer Accounting 10 Nairn Street MILTON QLD 4064 5 may 2015 Partners of Xer Accounting 10 Nairn Street MILTON QLD 4064 Dear Partners of Xer Accounting Here is the report Xer Accounting’s partners requested (15 March 2015) on MYOB cloud accounting strategy with the revision of the viability on investing in this new technology to make it an integral part of the working relationship with their clients. I have clarified what cloud accounting is and detailed which services cloud accounting provider can offer to their customers. Also explained which …show more content…

We require you to define and give adequate description of Cloud Accounting. As well as include a discussion of the benefits and problems with Cloud Accounting and information on costs. In addition give to us an example of the use of Cloud in other accounting firms. The partners of Xer Accounting require this report to be submitted by 5 May 2015. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary 5 1.0 Introduction 6 2.0 Cloud Accounting definition 6 2.1 Cloud services 6 2.2 Cloud deployment models 6 3.0 Benefits and Risks of cloud accounting 7 3.1 Benefits 7 3.2 Risks 7 4.0 Information on costs 7 5.0 Use of Cloud Accounting in other firms 8 5.1 Kregel & Company CPA 8 6.0 Conclusion 8 7.0 Recommendations 8 8.0 Bibliography 10 Executive summary The purpose of this report is to analyses the viability on investing in cloud accounting technology with MYOB emphasizing in the working relationship between Xer Accounting and clients. . the method used includes a definition of cloud accounting, deepening on the services that providers offer and differentiating deployment models they use. Benefits are

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