Questions On Cloud Computing Architectures

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2 . Cloud Computing Architectures
2.1 Cloud Software-as-a-Service: The software as service architecture gives access to a software infrastructure, which is remotely accessed via the web, based services. In this infrastructure, it is important to note that the service provider is responsible for managing the infrastructure. This architecture allows companies to get the business functionality of software by incurring a minimal cost, which is less than paying for the licensed applications. It follows the pay as you go, model. Software-as-a-Service eliminates all possibilities for organizations to handle the installation, set-up, daily preservation and maintenance.
2.2 Cloud platform as a service: This is also commonly known as the Paas model. This cloud architecture allows the cloud provider to create a computing platform that comprise of an operating system, development environment, database and web servers where all these components are solely maintained and managed by the service provider. The cloud platform as a service provides application developers with an infrastructure to build and run software 's on the cloud with less to nothing cost difficulty of acquiring software and hardware. The cloud platform as a service also provides users with the infrastructure to be able to deploy user-designed or obtained applications on the cloud infrastructure, examples of such include amazon ec2 and windows azure.
2.3 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service: The cloud infrastructure is…
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