Questions On Cloud Computing Security

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FOUNDATION OF INFORMATION ASSURANCE (IA 5010) TERM PAPER TOPIC – CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY CLASS PAPER SUBMITTED TO PROFESSOR THEMIS PAPAGEORGE DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION ASSURANCE BY KALPESH VAID BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS October 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Why do we need Cloud Security? 2 CLOUD COMPUTING 3 What is cloud computing? 3 Essential Characteristics of Cloud Model 3 Service Models 4 Deployment Models 5 Security issues in cloud computing 5 CLOUD COMPUTING THREATS 7 Data Breach 7 Data Loss 7 Stolen Credentials 7 Insecure Application Programming Interface (APIs) 8 Denial of Service 8 Malicious Insider 8 Abuse of Cloud Service 8 CASE STUDIES 9 CONCLUSION AND FUTURE ENHANCEMENT 9 REFERENCES 9 ABSTRACT Day by day standalone system and software is morphing into distributed environment. So does physical infrastructure. When adopting the cloud services, we also have to consider its security challenges. Cloud offers services like application, platform and infrastructure. These services are used by different organization for different purpose. Moving traditional infrastructure to cloud is still a question for many organizations and this question will continue to persist until there is some level of cloud assurance. In this paper, we will first understand the basics of cloud computing and than proceed towards the need of cloud security. To understand the existing threats, we will study recent breaches like Dropbox and iCloud in detail. Based on these
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