Questions On Common Core Math

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Common Core Math Imagine being given a math problem, such as, 7+7. Most people would do simple mental math to get the solution fourteen. However, in American education millions of kids are required to fathom these problems with a concept known as “number bonds,” and restricting children to one way of solving is profoundly hampering innovativeness in American children (Garelick). Not only has this change in education caused anxiety in children of all ages, but also in their parents who struggle in assisting their children with their school work because they find the new concepts perplexing and divergent from the way they were instructed as children. Common Core concentrates on a coherent set of math skills and concepts. Before this concept was implemented in the American Education system this new way of addressing math problems and concepts was endorsed by teachers, parents, and students. Although, the purpose of common core math was to promote deeper thinking and understanding in students, regardless of its objectives, all it is doing is reducing not only students but also parents to tears. Statistics show that public support for common core has dropped 16 percent since 2013, when 65 percent of Americans were in favor of the Common Core standards, according to the ninth annual Education Next poll. And possibly the most surprising change in opinion has been among teachers, in 2013, 76 percent of teachers said they were in favor of the Common Core. In the new survey, only…
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