Questions On Common Core Standards

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Section 1: Common core is a set of standards set by each state for school curriculum. Common core can be looked as beneficial due to it decreasing the cost states pay for test development, scoring, and reporting. Every state will already have the same test, so they can just all split the cost. Common Core also claims to be beneficial because it challenges students on more than one skill at a time, thus will lead to better problem solving skills. It also allows teachers to monitor progress throughout the year. Cons to common core are that it actually pushes teachers out of their career. They don’t want to change their ways of teaching and simply just don’t agree with the common core standards, so we have a decrease in teachers. Another downfall to this is that there is NO modified test for students with special needs. The NSA was developed in 1952. It allows the government to basically keep track and record of everything you say or send through phone. Like little spies. WHY? This has never stopped a terrorist attack or even lead to an arrest. But just cause it hasn’t yet, does not mean it won’t in the future. This could end up being in the US citizens’ best interest. Drones! They are highly expensive to use, they cost $2,500 per hour to fly at the Mexican border. That’s an insane amount of money to fly one little thing. Drones can not be flown around the white house. You have to have your drone registered in order to use it. Fast and Furious, or “gun running” started…

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