Questions On Communication And Communication

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1. Analysis 1.1 Communication Talking about communication involves talking about the identity of the person talking as a communicative being therefore about his right to communicate. In other words, for every subject speaking, the question is to know whether or not it makes sense for them to do so. If not, they would not exist as a subject. Sometimes norms, more or less institutionalized, help answering that question: for example, a lecturer presented as so in a conference finds himself entitled to speaking. Same goes for a host during a debate or a teacher in his class. As long as their status is acknowledged, they have a right to play a few parts in the communication scene. Sometimes these norms come from a familiar, day to day, situation in which people recognize themselves as a part of a cultural community. What, for instance, can allow me to stop someone in the street and ask him a question? Why is the person more likely to respond to me if I ask about time, nearest tube station or library, rather that if I ask a question regarding directions to Times Square, while being in London? By not answering, the person does not acknowledge me as a speaker. The ‘right to talk’ of a speaker, whoever he is, does not only depend on the fact that he would talk and someone would respond to it in any way. The speaker has to first, in any situation of exchange, meet certain conditions and the other person shows a certain behaviour that these conditions have been met, thereby
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