Questions On Confidentiality And Disclosure

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1.6 Confidentiality and Disclosure. 1.6.1 Confidentiality AirAsia when we come in contact with our passengers in the wealth of information and related activities. Unless it has been disclosed or information will be treated confidentially. This information can be used in our operations, and not for other purposes, unless otherwise authorized, we will not allow anyone who is not authorized to disclose any trade secret or confidential. customers and business processes confidential financial information. We use or attempt to use such information may not cause harm or direct or indirect damage from AirAsia or stakeholders. We will not share important information with the other AirAsia (even our families) are also careful to prevent accidents…show more content…
effective trade related activities and human resources necessary to manage the data. 1.6.3 Intellectual Property Intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, technology secret AirAsia and creative ways of thinking must be protected and managed to ensure that the best interests of Air Asia. We will respect the intellectual property of others. Unless the rule of law and government must be something else that we should not support the unauthorized sharing of intellectual property. 1.6.4 The data can affect the price of Air Asia shares. As part of the activity of the AirAsia Group may be listed listed companies must follow strict rules to deal with AirAsia will affect the share price information. AirAsia may affect the share price of the relevant information before they are sent to the stock exchange and published in the information system of the Exchange or to protect sensitive data before they leave, we must prevent people who are not. permission to access or disclose information to those persons. We do not exchange economic benefits of any inside information if we are not sure if it is sensitive information or what action should be taken, we can seek the advice of legal services and compliance. If you are or have been AirAsia could affect the stock price relevant information in a
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