Questions On Conflict And Conflict Resolution

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Question #1: From Chapter Five 's (5) AWARE "Conflict and Conflict Resolution," one of the answers out of all the chapters that students and professionals disagreed the most was: "It is important to come to an agreement at the end of an argument." Professionals agreed that reaching an agreement is NOT always necessary, while students were undecided but leaned toward supporting an affirmative response. 1a) Describe your own opinion to this question BEFORE you took the course, “It is important to come to an agreement at the end of an argument.” Upon what was your opinion based? Before I took the course, I have firmly believed there should be some sort of agreement at the end of an argument. While I believed that sometimes arguments could never end in complete agreement, I have always thought that you could always agree to disagree. I understand that everyone holds their own opinions and beliefs and it can be hard to find a way to align your beliefs with others, however you can peacefully agree to disagree in terms that you respect and hear each other’s thoughts and feelings. No two people can agree on everything, which is why I think that by talking about things that are important to one another and listening to each other has to say or feel will allow you to come to terms with your disagreement. On the pre-AWARE test I answered that I believed that all arguments should end in an agreement. I interpreted this statement as being able to both agree to disagree on any type of
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