Questions On Consumer Behaviour And Consumer Behavior

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1. Introduction
1.1 Why do marketers need to understand consumer behaviour?
Marketers need to understand consumer behaviour in order to know what the consumer wants from a product. This is because different types of people will want different things from the products they buy; for example, an older, married couple will have different needs and wants to a young couple. Marketers also need to understand the behaviour of consumers to design and construct the best marketing approach to capture the chosen target market.
1.2 The Scenario
A newly-wed couple, in their late twenties, have bought their first house together and wish to refurbish the kitchen. Each of their parents have given the couple some money towards the kitchen and so they have a budget of around £5-7000. The couple would like an impressive, contemporary kitchen, with space to entertain friends and family.
1.3 Aim of the report
In the following sections, matters such as consumer characteristics, types of consumer buying decisions and what makes the decision-making process will be discussed in order to show how an industry can influence the various stages of the purchase of a kitchen.

2. The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour
2.1 Personal factors
Personal factors can affect consumer buyer behaviour. For example, factors such as age, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle and personality can all have an impact on the buyer’s purchase decisions. In this case, the buyers are in their late twenties
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