Questions On Cooperative Learning Strategies

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. During 6th grade math class, the teacher uses a variety of teaching strategies. The whole class instruction is used to teach new concepts. At this time students look up at the board, listen to the teacher, take notes and participate in whole-class discussions. When cooperative learning strategies are used, each student has a role, such as writing, solving problems or explaining to another student the steps of solving the problems. Quiz-Quiz-Trade is another strategy that engages students. While the music is playing, all the students walk around the room and trade math cards with other students. When the teacher stops the music and says “Hand up, pair up”, students stop walking and find a partner. Each student in the pair solves the…show more content…
The title of one worksheet was “Conserving Energy”. The students were curious about the picture they will create when plotting the points and they started working immediately. At the end they discovered a “dog sleeping”, which was “conserving energy”, not using it. No matter what learning strategy or activity is used in math class, students know the purpose of these activities. During Scavenger Hunt students start solving a problem on one of the several mini-poster which are posted all over the room. The answer to that problem is the number of the next problem to be solved. The students are engaged in this activity and through this this process solve all the problems assigned for that class period. While I observed one English class, the teacher even engaged the students while taking attendance. When she called each student’s name, they replied with “oldest”, “middle”, “youngest”, or “only” child in the family. When learning the vocabulary words, students had to illustrate and write a caption for each word. In order to engage students for this activity, instead of just telling or writing the topic, the teacher said, “Who lives in a pineapple under a tree” and the students replied, “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” Because there are a few students who do not like to write, but love Sponge Bob, they were excited about writing that day. Those students who did not care about Sponge Bob, were allowed to write using insects or something else for their topic. In History
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