Questions On Counseling And Psychological Association Ethical Decision Making

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Counselling Ethics Scenario One
Alanna Sampson
Yorkville University

For the purpose of this paper, I will analyze an ethics-based issue and make reference to ethical codes/standards and legislation. I will explain how I would respond to the ethical dilemma by using an ethical decision making model. Martin, Shepard and Lehr (2015) outline the Canadian Counseling and Psychological Association ethical decision-making process in their ethics-based issues and cases. I have chosen to address this scenario according to the six steps in the decision-making process.
Step 1: What are the key ethical issues in this situation? (Martin et al., 2015, p. 539)
Duty to report legislation aims to protect children and reduce the impacts of neglect and abuse. Walters (1995) states that the ?actual behavior of reporting must be carefully managed in order that it maintain the ethical principles outlined in the C.P.A. Code of Ethics? (p. 179). The client in reference to her father has disclosed child abuse. Regardless of Sally?s wishes to wait until her father moves out, the family will remain at risk while in contact with the abusive family member. It is essential that a call to a caseworker be made while being mindful of the relationship with Sally and attempts to salvage it.
What complicates the relationship is that the therapist has only met with this client once before, and has not discussed any of the limits of confidentiality
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