Questions On Customer Relationship Management

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.2 Customer Relationship Management 2.2.1 Introduction Follow previous development of relationship marketing field consistently, CRM leverage relationship marketing by utilizing information technology, aim to discover how organization utilize integrated tactics to access to customer properly and pursue invulnerable relationship eventually in terms of customer loyalty. As the globalized environment shifting rapidly, modern savvy customers increase gradually; moreover, they have more opportunities to approach to best products and services at the best price. Hence, building closer relationship with customers’ in order to differentiate one from others became a priority objective for organization. 2.2.2 Customer-centric marketing world Swift,…show more content…
First of all, the concept of marketing highlighted by Lerer’s (2002), who states marketing supports CRM by approaching to individual customers based on market segmentation’ technic to target different segments of customers, meanwhile, step forward to their target audiences with specific information. Secondly, sales management contributes to balance between customer objective/practice and those of firm, processes under the framework of managing customer relationship (Dorsch et al., 2001). Additionally, information processing and resource dependency play the role to value global account management of international business, which reflect customer dependency of organization’ CRM system (Birkinshaw et al., 2001). Thirdly, extra services and support, which are the component this research focus on mainly, are valued with right communication tactics and personalized CRM system, companies today are able to reduce cost considerably and create customer satisfaction more efficiently (Torcy, 2002). Also, quality management should permeate organization’ CRM system addressed properly on quality of design, quality of conformance and quality of performance (Kerstin, 1999; Sinha, 2001; Li et al., 2002). However, according to a report from Ngai, 2005, lacks of CRM studies conduct to measure the performance and quality of
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