Questions On Customer Service And Customer Services

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Outline i. Introduction This main purpose of this paper is to tell the main problems a company may has on the customer services, it point out that many companies may issue on dealing with customers feedbacks thus it lead enterprise loss their market share because of bad performance on customer services and they may give the bad comments on company’s products and services. Therefore, they need to establish a system ii. Body 1 It will analyze several problems a company might have, a company may hard to collect customers’ feedback and manage it, and then some company may hard to provide latest information for customer. Moreover, lots of company can’t give the solution to customer instantly, thus it is necessary to set up a customer services system. iii. Body 2 Based on those analyses, Melissa’s food products may have confuse about managing customer’s complain about their products, therefore it provide suggestion for this company to set up a calling center in order to receive buyers’ advice through the telephone, which company can give the response immediately. iv. Body 3 Auto email system is a good way for company to offer the latest information to those buyers and let them know the changes about the products and companies; this is a flexible way to send the information to those customers. v. Body 4 Live chat system is a good platform which connect relationship between company and customer, it is also a flexible system which offer a channel for customer to provide their idea
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