Questions On Data Protection Act 1998

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P3- understand the issues related to the use of information: Legal issues: Data protection legalisation (e.g. data protection act 1998) Purpose: The main purpose of the Data Protection Act is to give all individual(s) the rights over their personal data and information. The act requires anyone who handles an individual’s personal data to agree with a number of important principles and legal obligations. All individuals are entitled upon making an access request, to be supplied with a copy of any information held about them. The individuals also have the right to challenge the processing of their personal data and to claim compensation if they suffer a loss or damage because of the inaccurate information. Implications: The implications…show more content…
Names Addresses Contact information Employment history Medical conditions Convictions Credit history Freedom of information act 2000: The freedom of information act provides public access to information held by the public authorities, this therefore means that public authorities are obligated to publish certain information about their activities and any member of the public is entitled to request this information from the authorities themselves. This act covers any recorded information that is held by public authorities in most parts of the UK (England, Wales & Northern Ireland), information held by Scottish authorities is covered by their own freedom of information act that was introduced in 2002 so therefore Is somebody in England wanted some information from the Scottish public authorities then they wouldn’t be able to get it so easily. Therefore are a few implications of the freedom of information act such as the fact that all companies that hold open access information must be able to actually dispatch the information to the person requesting it within 20 working days otherwise they would be. Therefore going against this law that was introduced in the year 2000 and they therefore could face criminal offences for withholding information that should be open to the public. This particular act applies with a few businesses that actually
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