Questions On Database Management System

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1. Interpreting language:
Since the file-processing system can be built on any of the programming languages, this will be a tedious task for other language developers to understand the actual logic behind the data storage and build a new requirement. But Database Management System (DBMS) uses a Structured Query Language (SQL) which will be used universally to insert, update or delete the data by all the developers and this will act as a common language for all the developers/ end users to work with the data.

2. Data redundancy and inconsistency.
In file processing system, many files are generated or created using different programming languages by different developers in one particular project.
For example, let us consider the example of a Software project which consists of various teams/ developer teams.
a. Duplicate data:
In our software project example, if we have a particular person working on two technologies namely .NET developer and as an Automation test developer, then the same person information (namely employee id, email id, phone number) will be stored in both the files(namely .NET team file and the Automation test developer file)
In DBMS, by using the normalization concepts on tables, we design the database in such a way that the data is not duplicated.

b. Data Redundancy leads to higher storage and access cost.
As the same employee’s data is stored in two different files, this leads to unnecessary usage of disk space for the same employee data which will
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