Questions On Database Security And Database Systems

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Loren Robert Hensley
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Requirements for the Course of INFO620 Enterprise Database Systems
November 2014
American Public University
Charles Town, WV Abstract
This paper explores the different aspects of security as it pertains to database systems. It will provide an overview of security concerns such as access control, user authentication, reliability and data integrity, as well as how IT professionals might mitigate the risk associated with each. By examining the methodology by which attacks on database systems occur, we are able to take a comprehensive approach to prevent or limit the extent of such attacks and the impact they may have on a DBMS environment. Finally, we will review industry best-practices of the implementation of security countermeasures.

Introduction Over the past ten to fifteen years, there has been tremendous growth in the utilization of database systems. One reason for this is because of the growth E-Commerce has experienced. Businesses must have a reliable method of storing a customer’s information safely and efficiently. We often hear of a data breach which results in customers’ credit card information being stolen. There are inherent risks associated with storing financial information in an online capacity, such as hackers and ill-intentioned employees. Given the diverse nature of the interconnectivity of these systems, there is a
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