Questions On Deshaney V. Winnebago Department Of Social Services

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About DeShaney v. Winnebago Department of Social Services “I just knew the phone would ring some day and Joshua would be dead,” stated social worker Ann Kemmeter regarding Joshua DeShaney and the ongoing abuse he endured from his father. Joshua’s father brutally and repeatedly abused his four-year-old son Joshua (Wichenbach). The State of Wisconsin was aware of this abuse, but still did nothing to intervene and stop the mistreatment of this child (Wichenbach). The State’s inaction led to the Supreme Court case DeShaney v. Winnebago Department of Social Services, in which Joshua’s mother, Melody, sued the Winnebago Department of Social Services claiming, “the social worker deprived Joshua of his liberty without due process of law” (Alexander). In order to fully understand the DeShaney case, one must conduct thorough background research, delve into the court case itself, and analyze the impact the case has yet today. Randy, who had a long history of divorce and involvement with drugs and alcohol, abused Joshua for years without the State interfering and protecting Joshua (Reidinger). Joshua’s father, Randy, ruthlessly beat Joshua, inflicting injuries so debilitating that Joshua was admitted into the hospital numerous times for treatment. Joshua had noticeable bruises and welts, cigarette burns and non-accidental skin abrasions, yet while the hospital suspected that these injuries resulted from child abuse, Social services took no measurable action to protect him from
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