Questions On Determining Client 's Presenting Problem

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Questions to Determine Client’s Presenting Problem The intake form I used is a mental health intake form I found on the internet, see attached form. It is extensive, seven pages long, and asks about current and past problems. The intake form asks about the current symptoms the client is experiencing, examples: depressed mood, fatigue, loss of interest, and other symptoms used to assess the client’s current mood and mental illness. The intake form includes a suicide risk assessment, and inquires about the client’s substance abuse and usage. The list of questions goes on to include medications and family medical history. It also covers things such as: education level, amount of weekly exercise, and family background and childhood history.…show more content…
I may end up feeling like a case study instead of a person. The questions are valuable, but I also think some of the answers would come out while simply talking to the client and establishing that therapeutic relationship with them. Questions and Client’s Reading Level I believe for the majority of clients this intake is reading level appropriate. The questions are straight forward and organized well, decreasing the opportunity for misunderstanding. There are a few areas that may need some clarification, such as the long list of psychiatric medications, but if a client is taking a specific medication, they can easily look that up. Another possible area that could need some explanation is the current symptoms list. I am finding it difficult to be subjective in answering if the intake form is reading level appropriate for clients because I have a high reading level. It is possible that someone with an elementary or high school reading level would struggle. Another reason I find it difficult to assess if it is reading level appropriate is I am familiar with viewing and reading intake forms. My degree is in psychology so I understand the terms and what the questions are looking for, and I am knowledgeable about the different type of psychiatric medications and what they do. Another thing to consider is the client’s mental state; if they are currently struggling with their mental illness, then they would find this form
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