Questions On Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Hide and Seek (2005 film) - Dissociative identity disorder

There is a number of mental illness out there, most of them are quite interesting. Due to Psychology are getting more and more popular, we could look for the information about most of the mental illness very easily, there are lots of cases that you could study, to have a better understanding of them. But there is one, that has always been with uncertainty: Dissociative Identity Disorder a.k.a. DID. DID is a psychiatric disorders that have a lot of controversy. Some of the people did not even believe that is existing.

Dissociative identity disorder involves Two or more distinct identities in only one human being, it’s been called Multiple Personality Disorder previously. Most of the view tend to believe DID is triggered by stress, and people who has a terrifying childhood experience, is so much likely to have DID. Some clinicians believe dissociative disorders under the umbrella of post traumatic stress disorder. That means it is a Self-defense Mechanism, a response to something tremendous harmful to the person, and his brain somehow do not think the main identity is able to confront. then create another identity to deal with that. Therefore, DID could cause by tremendous pressure, horrible experience, and huge challenge.
The Symptoms of Dissociative identity disorder would be Dementia, Amnesia for event, Fugue state, people who has DID, is really likely to have Dissociative Amnesia. The first identity
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