Questions On Divorce Mediation Process

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In this response, I will overview divorce mediation, sessions, agreements, issues, plans, budgeting, child support, spousal support, and some financial issues all in one paragraph. The article itself discuss more in depth than I would go over. I would like to briefly discuss the importance that stood out to me in these following topics listed above. However, all of these topics are very important but however, I can’t possible explain in depth all topics. In these next few paragraphs, I will provide a brief summary of the article’s contents, information from the chapters in the class text that’s pertinent to the article 's nature and a closing paragraph.
“A Step-byStep Approach to the Divorce Mediation Process: From Soup to Nuts” by Anju D. Jessani, discuss what divorce mediation is, how schedule the first session, multiple agreements, issues, child support, spousal support and more. According to Jessani, divorce mediation is when a mediator helps the separating couple address the parenting issues and custody, the different distributions of assets, liabilities, child/spousal support, insurance, income tax, and other decisions that will help restructure the family into two units. It’s typically for both of the spouses to meet three to six sessions of 90 minutes with their mediator for nine weeks. The mediator plays a big role in helping the couple explore their options as well as their consequence. Most importantly, bring them knowledge and experience to provide context for…
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