Questions On E Commerce Architecture Report

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Assignment No. 2 - E-Commerce Architecture Report Report MMIS-654 Summer 2016 Dr. Richard Manning Harindra Warnasuriya Arachchilage 8/14/2016 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Industry and Competitions 5 Business Plan Outline 6 1) Value Proposition 6 2) Revenue Model 6 3) Market Opportunity 6 4) Competitive Environment 6 5) Competitive Advantage 7 6) Market Strategy 8 7) Organizational Development 8 8) Management Team 8 IT Architecture Plan 9 Website- 9 Payment Process- 9 Software- 10 Hosting Service- 11 Interface Blueprint 12 Homepage 12 Product page 13 Shopping Cart 14 Checkout Page 15 Order Confirmation 16 Marketing Plan Outline 16 Reference 17 Executive Summary My proposed startup was an online grocery store called “Calorie Counter store”, the targeted customers are those people who health conscious, people who work out regularly are very conscious about what they intake. Another very important niche will be the vegans and the vegetarians. This website will be built on Magento Ecommerce Platform. The database used to store the product details, customer details, order transactions and to support the content management system will be in MySQL. The website will be hosted on Justhost, a hosting service provider which provides very competitive prices. The software and hardware specifications used will be described in specific details. Various methods will be used to advertise and get the project up and running. These methods will be
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