Questions On Enforcing Rules And Expectations

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Enforcing rules/expectations 1. cell phone/electronic devices are prohibited to be used in the office during working hours phones should remain in purse/break room can be used when off the clock, before work, after work, lunch if you need to be contacted in case of an emergency ensure your family, schools know your place of employment and can call the office in case of emergency 2. No internet use during work hours unless you are using for work purposes only while on the clock you should be working not handling private matters like, surfing the net etc. shopping, planning vacations, making Dr. appointments you have Fridays, lunch and of working hours to handle these things. 3. Personal matters/activities should not be handled while…show more content…
If we have a printout due to inactive status a heath form should be filled out prior to patients being called back if not done, you did not do your job 10. Retainers should not be done in morning during patient hours, you should not be in the lab at the start of the day, your priority is to get all patients seated at their scheduled appointment time 11. Retainers should be made prior to, after patient hours or while waiting for the Dr. to come to your chair. Not while patients are waiting and if you are free patients come first 12. Trays and glasses should not be a priority in sterilization if you do not have a patient and a patient is waiting to be seater this can do done after patient is seated and started, while waiting for the doctor. 13. You should not have a two patients seated of you cannot see them both they should not be waiting while you are working with another patient. Unless is a ret check and a longer apt. 14. The next patient should be seating according to their apt times not because they were early. 15. Patients 10 min late or later should be considered for rescheduling after touching base with the clinic coordinator 16. Posterior brackets may not be put back at normal apts. This will be at the digression of the Dr. or clinic coordinator schedule and time should be considered. Especially if they did not let us know 17. Coffee should to be not be obtained or carried through the clinic
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