Questions On Entering A Legal And Ethical Course

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In this section, discuss your initial apprehensions about entering into a legal and ethical course. What have you learned that has helped attend to those apprehensions? (25 pts) My initial nervousness about taking a legal and ethics class is whole idea of analyzing legal case studies. Just the thought of studying anything that has to do with the law, makes me slightly uncomfortable. The reason for this probably stems from my lack of background knowledge on the ins-and-outs of the entire judicial process. As a future counselor, the idea of possible lawsuits, being accused of professional misconduct, angry clients, receiving a subpoena, or having to testify in court, makes me feel a bit anxious. Since counselors must function…show more content…
Counselors need to be guided by the ethical standards set forth by the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics. These standards define ethical conduct in the counseling profession, and provide guidance for maintaining professionalism in any situation. I have become familiar with many of the sections included in the ACA Code of Ethics from the research and assignments completed in this class. Garnering an awareness of the ACA Code of Ethics as it pertains to informed consent, confidentiality, professional responsibility, and resolving ethical issues, has given me confidence to discuss and evaluate the legal issues and ethical obligations associated with this profession. The section regarding professional responsibility of this document resonated with me the most, and elicited a feeling of confidence about counseling ethics and law, that was not present before this class. Professional responsibility sets the tone for everything else we do. As counselors, we must be guided by professionalism and high standards. Standard C.1 of the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) states that counselors have a responsibility to read, understand, and follow the ACA Code of Ethics, and abide by all applicable laws and regulations. While there are a plethora of legal and ethical issues that may arise for professional counselors throughout their careers, I feel that this class has given me a broad overview of how to be proactive and use appropriate decision-making tools to work
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